About Me

Hello! My name is Isaiah, and you may know me online as iSimonDev.

I'm a software engineer with a passion for web development, a business-oriented mindset, and an open heart for every industry where I can make an impact. I leverage my skills in web development to build user-friendly applications.


What I love most about this field is the capacity of the web to revolutionize industries, from a simple responsive webpage to complex applications. The potential is unlimited, and the learning journey is an adventure in itself.


My background in healthcare has inspired me to use technology to improve several processes, though I'm also excited about opportunities in other sectors as well. I'm enthusiastic about the future and eager to continue exploring, learning, and innovating.

Outside of work

I love to get involved in open-source projects. These initiatives provide a platform to collaborate, learn, and contribute to the wider tech community. They keep my skills sharp and broaden my perspective on how software can solve diverse problems.